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Afghan forces suffer heavy casualties in Sar-i-pul

Afghan Forces Suffer ‘Heavy Casualties’ in Sar-i-Pul

SAR-I-PUL – At least eight Afghan forces were killed and 33 others wounded in clashes with the Taliban militants in northern Sar-i-Pul province, local officials confirmed.
Mohammad Noor Rahmani, head of the provincial council told Ariana News that the Taliban fighters launched coordinated attacks at Qashqari area, Takhta outpost on Sar-i-Pul-Jawzjan highway and in Sozma Qala district of the province late on Sunday night.
According to Rahmani, the Taliban militants attacked the area at around 12 am on Sunday night and battles continued until early Monday morning.
At least four Afghan soldiers have been killed and 33 others wounded during hours of battles with the insurgents, he added.
Four tanks of security forces were also destroyed in the incident, Rahmani said.
Meanwhile, a source from the provincial hospital told Ariana News that at least eight dead bodies and 30 injured were transferred to the hospital.
During the clashes, nine Taliban insurgents were killed and 13 others also injured, the group’s local sources confirmed.
The local officials yet to make a comment about the incident.
(Sahar News)

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