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Shorten Promises $2.3bln Package to Relieve Costs for Cancer Patients

LONDON – An elected Australian Labor government will invest $2.3 billion to improve cancer care, eliminating almost all the costs associated with cancer digitization, SBS News reported Friday.
Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten made the announcement in his response to the 2019 budget. The plan includes three million cancer specialist consultations to be billed en bloc over four years.
“Cancer is a curse,” Shorten told the House of Representatives.
“I wish I could stay here tonight and assure you that we will find a cure for cancer, no politician can give that promise.”
“Until the day we find a cure, I promise this to Australian men and women: under Labor, if you fight cancer, you will focus on healing, without fear of going bankrupt.”
The plan will also ensure that all drugs recommended by independent experts to be included in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will be listed.
Shorten also pledged to hand over “every dollar” that the current government cut off from public schools and hospitals, adding that a Labor government would lift the NDIS membership ceiling if elected.
“We can get the support we need, keep the promises made to people with disabilities and place people with disabilities at the center of decision-making under the National Disability Insurance Plan,” he said.
Shorten applauded the federal government’s commitment to lower taxes in Tuesday night’s budget, promising to offset the tax cut for those earning between $48,000 and $126,000, but made another promise.
“The Liberals’ tax plan is not doing enough for 2.9 million Australians earning less than $40,000,” he added.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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