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The misachievements of NUG

Feature: The Misachievements of NUG

With the formation of National Unity Government (NUG), the citizens of the country were determined to experience changes within their social, economic and political lives. But over the course of nearly five years, it can be observed that neither their dreams came true, nor there were serious efforts by the government provide them even the basic requirements of life. What the people have received are only the misachievements. Why the government has not been able to properly tailor the growth of the economy and, as a result, improve the living conditions of the people, needs a deeper look at the basic reasons.

Providing security and stability throughout the country, providing employment, changing the people’s living standard, boosting the economy and investment in the country, turning Afghanistan into a transit center, etc., were among the promises of the leaders of the NGU in the early days of its tenure. But these promises are not fulfilled; rather, their opposites have been achieved.


Security is the most important requirement of the people of Afghanistan, in the absence of which we have faced many problems. During the rule of Ashraf Ghani, Kunduz collapsed twice, Faryab suffered a collapse, Taliban carried out guerrilla warfare and left Thousands of Afghans killed and wounded.
The comparison of the security during Ghani government is not comparable to the previous governments. So, the most fundamental necessity of the people, security, remains one of the misachievements in NUG.

National Sovereignty:

The root of all our country’s problems lies in the absence of a national sovereignty, although more foreign troops were present during the reign of Karzai, Karzai was hated by the foreign forces and always advocated against him. Karzai always complained with the United States the air strikes, the inspection of Afghan homes, the growth of corruption, the interference in the elections, the transfer of Bagram Prison to the Afghan government. But Ashraf Ghani remains silent in these cases, and in neither of these cases, we have been caught up with them, even refused to give relief to the families of those who lost their loved ones in the bombing of foreign forces.

National Consensus:

Any country that needs to come up with a national consensus requires to be on the same page, requires a decision that is acceptable by most of the people and maintains a red line of national interest, and diverts efforts to sustain it. Unfortunately, Ashraf Ghani did not make any effort in this regard; he could not even keep the team that had been involved in the election with him. Large political parties, such as the Islamic Movement, the Islamic Unity Party led by Khalili, Ahmad Zia Masoud and even Hanif Atmar all were displeased from his desperate actions. The current dismissal of the second vice president of the CEO is another example in the same regard. All these events have led to Ghani’s political isolation at the moment.

In any case, the national consensus is created by deserving people, well-known figures, leaders of parties and effective people. They should sit together and agree on important issues of the country. Unfortunately, during the rule of Ghani, NUG could not even sustain the support of one with them. Therefore, the national consensus is zero compared to the Karzai’s regime and does not have a single number at all. Instead of trying to reconcile, Ghani attempts to show that has has parties with fake and deceitful minds. Those who do not even know their leaders in their villages and whose members are from his family. With such actions, it can only be used by a few individuals and will further undermine the national consensus. Until national solidarity is achieved, national consensus can not be reached.


Unemployment, in the government of Ashraf Ghani, has increased dramatically, and is not at all comparable to the previous ones and has created a great failure. Even if compared, an improvement should be expected since there were funding and support for the improvement of employment in the country and training and development of human resource. Nevertheless, such improvement can never by found in the current setup.
Mistrust of the people on the government:

The escape of the youth of the country and the discontent of the national figures, party leaders and dozens of other things have caused the people to have less confidence in this government. Tens of thousands of Afghans escaped from the country at the beginning of this government. Even accepting death, and not pursuing a life in the country, they feared that insecurity would increase. And most of them spent the whole of their lives as refugees in European countries as they were not ready to trust on the capacities of Afghan government.


One of the important pledges and priorities of the government was electoral reform, better management of the electoral process and holding these elections fairly. However, Afghanistan saw the worst parliamentary election during the government led by Ashraf Ghani.

In all of the cases mentioned above, the people are tired of the government. They want a better alternative. They hate false promises and want their country to come out of the worst situation it is suffering as a result of misachievements of Ghani’s regime. For the time being, before new presidential election is held, it is necessary that at least people should be given relief through an interim government so that the possibilities of making a better start in the next government may seem possible.
(Sahar News)

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