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O Selena Gomez Still Worries About Justin Bieber

FLORIDA – After Justin Bieber was photographed shedding tears yet again in public, this time at Universal Studios, Selena Gomez is now wondering if her ex is all right, Hollywood Life reported Wednesday.
The magazine said, It’s Selena Gomez’s turn to be worried. Justin Bieber, 24, was photographed with his head buried in his face, obviously crying, at the Leaky Cauldron in Florida’s Universal Studios.
He at least had Hailey Baldwin, 21, to comfort him at the Harry Potter-themed bar, but Selena is now questioning if her ex-boyfriend is all right.
A source close to the “Back To You” singer EXCLUSIVELY shares “Selena worries all the time about her ex and wonders if he is happy and doing OK.”
According to “HL” reports on Oct. 10, Selena had checked into an East Coast psychiatric facility to receive dialectical behaviour therapy, she’s still “aware of some of [Justin’s] emotional, public outbursts and has real concerns.”
She has a right to be concerned, given some of the photos that have surfaced of the “I’m the One” singer in these pasts few months!
After news broke of Selena’s hospitalization in late September for her low white blood cell count and subsequent breakdown, Justin was overcome by tears during a drive with his wife on Oct. 11. And even before that, Hailey joined her then-fiancé to cry together in New York City on Aug. 7! Although Stephen Baldwin’s daughter is now in all these photos, Selena still thinks about her on and off-again ex-boyfriend of seven years.
“Despite Justin getting married to Hailey, Selena still has a lot of love for him,” source reveals.
“When she thinks there could be a problem with his health or happiness, she worries about him. She wishes him well.”
Her new video with Coach that dropped on Nov. 2 helped issue in this new era of Selena. She shows off her funky dance moves and happily wishes viewers a “Happy Holidays” throughout the heart-warming commercial, and we’re just ecstatic she’s one less person who’s crying in public!
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