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Feature: Afghanistan, 18 Years After 9/11

Feature: Afghanistan 18 Years After 9/11

18 Years have passed since the incident of 9/11. The United States, which claimed that the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization was responsible for the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the US Department of Defense building – the Pentagon, invaded Afghanistan less than a month later …

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Feature: Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

Feature, Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

What you read in this article is part of the gravest problems that have been gifted to the people in Afghanistan over the past five years due to incompetence, authoritarianism, and poor policies of Ashraf Ghani. • Governance: Since the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG), the Afghan cabinet …

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Feature: Afghanistan Cannot Expect Transparent Election

Feature, Afghanistan Cannot Expect Transparent Elections

One of the peculiarities of the elections, which is also enshrined in the law, is its independence and transparency. If any of these features is not properly implemented in the election, it could mean that the outcome can be controversial and questionable. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) Afghanistan has said …

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Opinion: Sub-Nationalist Tendencies are More Vulnerable to Instability

Sub-Nationalist Tendencies are More Vulnerable to Instability

By Habibullah Khan Identities are more vulnerable and prone to inner conflict and instability. Politically unstable countries are easily coerced to serve the interest of bigger countries. That is why countries with hegemonic designs encourage sub-nationalism and create different identities in the target country to create politically instability. Francis Fukuyama, …

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Feature: Can IEC Ensure Free and Fair Election?

Is IEC Capable of Holding Free and Fair Election

About three months remain for presidential election in Afghanistan, but electoral observers have already expressed concerns over the lack of transparency mechanism for the elections. A number of election-observing bodies say the government is not prepared to hold transparent and acceptable polls in the country. Recently, Naeem Ayubi, head of …

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The Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Arg

The Allegations of Sexual Harassment in Arg

Afghanistan is known as one of most corrupt countries in the world. When President was elected as head of National Unity Government (NUG) back in 2014, he said that he would save Afghanistan from this global disgrace. Now, at the end of his term, he has not been able to …

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Feature: Ghani’s Pre-election Campaign

Ghani’s Pre-election Campaign

Recently, President Ashraf Ghani has been busy in pre-election campaign. He carried out some promotional programs in the past year, and has set up provincial trips for the purpose of campaigning ahead of presidential election in the recent days as well. In his trips he is seen inaugurating large infrastructure …

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