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Police Chief Sells PRT Equipment Worth $7 Million: Source

Police Chief Sells PRT Equipment Worth $7 Million: Source

SHARANA – A reliable source told Pajhwok Afghan News that the incumbent Police Chief of Paktika Brig. Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Liwani had sold PRT equipment to a businessman Sayed Rahman Khosti.
“Press machines and functioning generators and other machines of the PRT were sold and sent to Pakistan. Liwani sold all this equipment against $800,000 while their real worth was billions of dollars,” according to the source.
He said the National Directorate of Security (NDS) conducted raids to prevent smuggling of scrap and arrested some persons.
But Liwani demanded six million rupees from Syed Rahman Khosti to release the detained persons. The source added a delegation to investigate the issue had been tasked in Kabul and would soon travel to Paktika.
The source provided some videos to Pajhwok Afghan News in which the persons detained by NDS personnel can be seen lying on the ground in the open air inside the PRT compound in Paktika.
In one of the videos, one of the drivers says: “I don’t know this person but we are given 12,000 rupees for transfer of unlimited load.”
The Paktika PRT equipment also distributed among different government institutions who have their own share. Pajhwok Afghan News received a letter sent by the Education Department to the NDS and police department.
The letter says the Education Department has no security guards and some of the equipment allotted to them were missing from PRT. It asks the NDS and police to be aware of the issue and provide help to the Education Department regarding the missing equipment.
Paktika Governor Mujib Rahman Samkani told Pajhwok Afghan News that different types of equipment such as Humvee vehicles, cars, cupboards, computers, wood and others were taken away from the PRT in the name of scrap.
“When I went to PRT and looked around, it made me cry, equipment and tools worth $7 million were very unjustly taken out of this place and then sold,” he said. He alleged governors, police officials, intelligence heads and other government figures of the time were involved in the issue.
“A number of scrap vehicles are taken out of this place after the beginning of my mission here, I personally got out of my place and stopped a few of such trucks carrying the scrap and handed over the drivers to intelligence forces,” he said.
He said there were only a limited equipment remained in the PRT and the government must investigate the issue.
Khosti says he contracted PRT equipment for 4m Afghani. However, businessman Khosti said he had signed a legal contract with the PRT worth four million Afghani.
“I won the contract for four million Afghani, you can find 360 tons of scrap, used metal and nothing else,” he added.
(Sahar News)

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