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Macron to Johnson: Not Enough Time for A New Agreement Brexit


PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron has declared firmly to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday that he does not have enough time to negotiate a new divorce agreement in Brexit, writes William James on Friday. On his first foreign trip since becoming Prime Minister a month ago, Johnson …

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US Mission in Gulf Not Needed: Rouhani


LONDON – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani again tried on Wednesday to ease tensions with countries in the region, while criticizing the US plan to create an international alliance to secure trade routes in the Gulf, Asharq Al Awsat reported Saturday. He added that Iran and other Gulf countries could protect …

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Russian Bombers Intercepted By US and Canadian Fighters


WASHINGTON – US and Canadian fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers in international airspace off the coast of Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defence Command announced. Two Raptor poachers and two Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter jets identified and intercepted long-range Tu-95 Bear Russian bombers in northern Alaska over the Beaufort …

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Saudi Arabia Tightens Security Measures for Hajj Pilgrimage


RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has tightened its security measures for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage and has prevented citizens and residents from entering Makkah without a necessary permit, Asharq ul Awsat said Monday. The Ministry of the Interior called on Saudi citizens and residents in the Kingdom to abide by the …

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North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Into the Sea

North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea on Thursday launched two short-range missiles into the sea, expressing anger at joint US-South Korean joint military exercises, TRT reported Thursday. It was the first missile test in the North since an impromptu meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim …

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Pakistani Army Chief Meets US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff


WASHINGTON – Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday met US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Joseph Dunford as a part of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s delegation during Washington visit. Both the military leaders discussed matters related to regional security and steps …

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China and Russia will Continue to Improve Military: Beijing


BEIJING – China and Russia will continue to strengthen and improve cooperation as the two states enter a new era of relations, the Chinese Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday. Wu Qian, the Chinese ministry spokesman for Defense, said that China and Russia have entered a new era of relations …

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