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Democratic Presidential Candidate Calls Israel A “Racist Regime”

Democratic Party

SOUTH CAROLINA – With 22 candidates declared to the presidential election of the Democratic Party for 2020, the candidates are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the crowd, Reuters reported Wednesday. A decidedly long-term candidate did just that this week, landing a fiercely anti-Israeli stance, calling the Israeli …

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Labor Officials Quit Their Posts with Blast at Corbyn Over Brexit


LONDON – Aaron Austin Locke and Robert McIntosh announced their resignation as the top two office bearers in the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency Labor party in an email to local members, PoliticsHome said Tuesday. They said they were unhappy with the party’s failure to fully endorse another referendum on …

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Pakistan Appoints IMF Official as the New Central Bank Governor

Central Bank

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s newly chosen governor of the central bank on Sunday joined the country’s economic team to negotiate a fresh loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is considered central to reviving the country’s badly ailing economy, Asian Review reported Monday. Reza Baqir, the …

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Two Main Parties Punished in British Local Elections


LONDON – Initial results indicate that voters punished Theresa May’s conservatives in the presidential election ballot but the party was also disappointing for opposition Labor, POLITICO reported Friday. With nearly half of the votes cast and widespread frustration over the treatment of Brexit by Westminster’s two main parties, the Conservatives …

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Russian-Syrian Offensive in Northwest Syria Escalates


WASHINGTON – Syria and its ally, Russia, continued their offensive in Idlib Province and northern Hama Province on Thursday, in advance of talks on Syria to be held Friday in Geneva. Their assault targets areas of north-western Syria that had been declared a de-escalation zone in an agreement reached last …

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ADB Continues to Deliver Development Results for Asia and Pacific: Report


NADI, FIJI – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) continues to deliver on its goal of achieving a more prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific through increased development finance, more efficient strategic operations, and enhanced focus on partnerships and collaborations, a new ADB performance review that is launched …

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Pakistan Hold Talks with IMF Delegation on Bailout


ISLAMABAD – Senior Pakistani officials on Wednesday held technical talks with an International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation preparing a bailout. Discussions will continue for about a week. Pakistan is demanding $8 billion from the International Monetary Fund. With a generous support from China, Pakistan received a total of $ 9.1 …

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Emperor Announces Abdication as Japan Marks the End of the Era


TOKYO – Japanese Emperor Akihito announced his abdication at a palace ceremony on Tuesday in his latest speech, as the nation welcomed the end of his reign with reminiscence and hope for a new era, TRT world reported on Tuesday. “Today I finish my duties as emperor,” said Akihito as …

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ISIS Releases New Video Purportedly Showing the Group’s Leader for First Time in 5 Years


DAMASCUS – The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group has released a new video which purportedly shows the leader of the group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi talking about the recent events including the defeat of the group in Baghouz. This is the first time in five years al-Baghdadi …

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Sri Lanka Banned Veil on the Face

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO – Sri Lanka, still in shock from deadly Easter Sunday blasts, has banned women from wearing the veil. President Maithripala Sirisena enforced the ban under an emergency law. The ban came into effect on Monday Srilankan News Agencies reported. Officials said the decision would help security forces in the …

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