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Pompeo Declares Peace Plan for M.E. to Be Unveiled “Within Weeks”


WASHINGTON – The administration of US President Donald Trump has decided to delay the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan after Israel is facing new elections, scheduled for September 17. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed all speculation of a substantial delay in announcing the long-awaited peace plan announced by the United …

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Pompeo is Declining to Sign Afghan Peace Deal: TIME

Pompeo is Declining to Sign Risky Afghan Peace Deal, TIME

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is declining to sign the US-Taliban deal, TIME quoted senior US, Afghan and European officials in a report on Wednesday. The report claimed that the deal doesn’t ensure several crucial things. It doesn’t guarantee the continued presence of US counterterrorism forces to battle al …

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Trump Wants the US to Buy Greenland


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has pushed top aides to investigate whether his government can purchase the giant, ice-smothered island of Greenland, two people with direct knowledge of the directive said, Brisbane Times reported Friday. The presidential request has bewildered aides, some of whom continue to believe it isn’t …

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US Mission in Gulf Not Needed: Rouhani


LONDON – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani again tried on Wednesday to ease tensions with countries in the region, while criticizing the US plan to create an international alliance to secure trade routes in the Gulf, Asharq Al Awsat reported Saturday. He added that Iran and other Gulf countries could protect …

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Pompeo Talks About Maritime Safety and Iran with MBS


WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed maritime security between Iran and Yemen with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) on Wednesday, AFP reported Thursday. “The secretary discussed the growing tensions in the region and the need to strengthen maritime security to promote freedom of navigation,” US …

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Sanctions on Iran’s Regime are Effective: Pompeo


WASHINGTON – United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday said Washington would continue to enforce sanctions against Iran’s regime, National council of resistance of Iran reported Friday. The sanctions on the Iranian regime have been effective and “we will enforce them” everywhere, Pompeo said. Pompeo was speaking at …

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Cost of Afghanistan War is $4 Billion a Month: Gabbard

Cost of Afghanistan War is $4 Billion a Month Gabbard

WASHINGTON – An American political and Iraq veteran Tulsi Gabbard has claimed that the cost of Afghanistan is $4 billion a month. Gabbard, the US Representative for Hawaii’s second Congressional district made the remarks during Wednesday’s democratic presidential debate. She vowed complete withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan if …

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US not Asking ASEAN Allies to “Choose Sides” on China: Pompeo


WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Thursday that Washington was not asking Southeast Asian nations to “choose sides” between his country and rival power China, as he trailed a rebooted security and trade strategy at a Bangkok summit, Mailonline reported Thursday. The denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, …

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North Korea Conducts Second Missile Test in A Week

North Korea

PYONGYANG – A week after similar tests, North Korea has again fired two short-range missiles into the waters that separate it from Japan, according to South Korea’s military, National Public Radio reported Wednesday. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that the missiles, which flew about 155 miles and reached …

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