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Trump will Miss Congress for $7 Billion in Arms Sales in KSA


WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump eludes Congress to approve the sale of arms for US $7 billion to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), citing Iran’s growing threat to the region, ITV announced on Saturday. The Trump administration invoked a provision that is rarely used in US federal law to …

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North Korea Says Talks will not Resume Unless US Changes Position

North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea said Friday that nuclear negotiations with the United States will never resume unless the Trump administration moves away from what Pyongyang described as unilateral demands for disarmament, AP reported Friday. The statement by an unnamed North Korean foreign ministry spokesman published in state media …

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The Pentagon Plans to Send 5,000 Troops to the Middle East


WASHINGTON – The US Department of Defense is considering a request by the US military to send an additional 5,000 troops to the Middle East in the face of mounting tensions with Iran, two US officials told Reuters. Tehran and Washington have spoken out this month, following the decision by …

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US Lawmakers Urge President Trump to Remain Engaged in Syria


WASHINGTON – Hundreds of members of Congress signed a letter that also urges Trump to increase pressure on his relations with Russia, Iran and on the heavily armed Hezbullah movement, in Lebanon, TRT World reports Tuesday. Hundreds of US congressmen on Monday signed a letter to President Donald Trump stating …

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“No possibility” of Negotiations with Washington: Zarif


LONDON – Iranian authorities on Thursday rejected negotiations with the United States in a climate of increasing tension between the two countries. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in Tokyo that there is “no possibility” of negotiations with Washington. “I do not know why President Trump is confident,” he …

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Trump Unveils New Immigration Plan


WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump has unveiled a new immigration plan that favors the youngest, brightest and most skilled workers, who speak English. The US President told the White House that his new system, which awards points to graduates, job postings and other attributes, will clearly indicate the standards …

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Iran Shows “The Greatest Restraint” in the Face of US Tensions: Zarif


TEHRAN – Iran remains committed to its obligations under an international nuclear deal despite the withdrawal of the United States from the historic agreement, Irani foreign minister said Thursday calling the re-imposition of US sanctions unacceptable, The National reported. “The escalation by the United States is unacceptable,” Zarif said in …

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