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Trump Suggests ‘Personal Meeting’ with Chinese President


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has suggested a “personal meeting” with China’s President Xi Jinping to discuss the political crisis engulfing Hong Kong, BBC said. In a tweet Trump said he had “ZERO doubt” that Mr Xi could “humanely solve the Hong Kong problem”. He also tied the protests …

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N. Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles, More can Come: S. Korea


SEOUL – North Korea on Saturday fired, what appeared to be two short-range missiles, South Korea said in a “show of force” against joint military exercises between the United States and Korea South, Reuters reported Saturday. Other missile launches are very likely, as the North Korean army conducts its own …

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May Blasts on Donald Trump After ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Tweet


LONDON – A spokesman for the British prime minister said the posts were “completely unacceptable”, putting pressure on Conservative leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to do the same, Reuters reported Monday. The US president triggered an angry reaction after targeting black and minority women in Congress. In a …

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Putin-Trump Talks “Rather Positive”: Kremlin


MOSCOW – Talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump at the ongoing G20 summit in Japan covered multiple issues in a positive and constructive atmosphere despite their pressing differences, the Kremlin said Friday. “In general, the two countries demonstrated the mood to establish a dialogue on …

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Advisers to Putin, Trump Discuss Russia-US Ties in Moscow, Summit Issue Not Raised


MOSCOW – Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov had a meeting with special assistant to the US President, Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs on the US National Security Council staff Fiona Hill, Russia Today reported Thursday. According to the news agency, the US adviser arrived in Moscow for consultations on …

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Kim Jong Un Re-Elected As North Korean Leader

North Korean

PYONGYANG – Kim Jong Un has been re-elected as North Korean leader in a shakeup of the country’s ruling personnel, Sky news reported Friday. Mr Kim was again named chairman of the State Affairs Commission, the nation’s most important decision-making body. The election came at the first session of the …

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N. Korea May Be Preparing A Missile or Space Launch: NPR

North Korea

PYONGYANG – North Korea may be preparing for a missile or space launch, US news outlet NPR reported Saturday, based on satellite image analysis of a key facility near Pyongyang. NPR said the images of Sanumdong, one of the facilities that produce inter-continental ballistic missiles and space rockets, were taken …

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KSA Claims Khashoggi Killed in a ‘Fist Fight’


RIYADH – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announcement that suspects are in custody over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a “good first step”, Donald Trump has said, adding that he would work with Congress on a US response, ITV said in a report on Saturday. The US president …

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South Korea Suggests “Rewarding” North Korea for its Efforts

South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, is in Paris for summit diplomacy and to make the case for his vision of Korean Peninsula peace. South Korea’s call to reward North Korea for its intentions to denuclearize itself remains in visible contrast to Washington’s firm approach to maintaining …

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