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US Lawmakers Urge President Trump to Remain Engaged in Syria


WASHINGTON – Hundreds of members of Congress signed a letter that also urges Trump to increase pressure on his relations with Russia, Iran and on the heavily armed Hezbullah movement, in Lebanon, TRT World reports Tuesday. Hundreds of US congressmen on Monday signed a letter to President Donald Trump stating …

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Trump Unveils New Immigration Plan


WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump has unveiled a new immigration plan that favors the youngest, brightest and most skilled workers, who speak English. The US President told the White House that his new system, which awards points to graduates, job postings and other attributes, will clearly indicate the standards …

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US Blacklists Huawei As Trump Declares National Emergency


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over a perceived espionage threat. US firms could be barred from using foreign telecoms that could pose a threat, a move apparently aimed at China’s Huawei, DW reported Thursday. Trump has signed an executive order to stop US companies …

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China Confirms Economy Czar Going to Washington for Talks


BEIJING – China confirmed Tuesday its economy czar will go to Washington for trade talks despite fears he might cancel after President Donald Trump threatened to escalate a tariff war over Beijing’s technology ambitions. The announcement suggests Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government is putting its desire to end a conflict …

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Russian-Syrian Offensive in Northwest Syria Escalates


WASHINGTON – Syria and its ally, Russia, continued their offensive in Idlib Province and northern Hama Province on Thursday, in advance of talks on Syria to be held Friday in Geneva. Their assault targets areas of north-western Syria that had been declared a de-escalation zone in an agreement reached last …

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Trump Administration Divided Over the Military Option in Venezuela


WASHINGTON – US media reported on Wednesday that the Trump administration had not reached a consensus on whether to conduct a military intervention in Venezuela to support opposition leader Juan Guaido, Xinhua said Thursday. According to a Washington Post report, while Maduro’s government remains intact after a coup attempt that …

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US Air Force Makes First-Ever Air Strikes with F-35A


WASHINGTON – Two F-35A fighter jets carried out air raids on a network of Daesh tunnels in Iraq, marking the first flight of the plane in a combat mission, US Central Command announced Wednesday. “We have the ability to gather, merge and transmit so much information that we make every …

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Trump Denies Knowing Everything About Wikileaks


WASHINGTON – US president Donald Trump tried to distance himself from WikiLeaks following the arrest of its founder, Julian Assange, in London on Thursday, saying the site was “not my thing”, although it was not mentioned less than 141 times during the election campaign, the Independent reported Friday. According to …

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