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Taliabn announce spring offensive

Taliban Announce Spring Offensive Amid Afghan Peace Efforts

KABUL – Taliban in Afghanistan have announced the start of their spring offensive despite ongoing peace efforts. The declaration is largely symbolic, as their deadly attacks have continued through the winter.
Taliban on Friday announced the opening of their annual spring offensive, saying they would continue fighting as long as foreign forces remained in Afghanistan.
A Taliban statement said the objective of the “Al-Fath” (“Victory”) operation was that of “eradicating occupation, cleansing our Muslim homeland from invasion and corruption, establishing an Islamic system along with defending and serving our believing fellow countrymen.”
Their statement highlighted: “Even as large parts of our homeland have been freed from the enemy, yet the foreign occupying forces continue exercising military and political influence in our Islamic country.”
Friday’s announcement was largely symbolic in character, as the insurgents have been carrying out daily attacks throughout the winter on Afghan security forces and NATO troops.
It comes as Washington has been holding several rounds of talks with Taliban to put an end to 17 years of violence, the longest war ever waged by the US. Preparations are also underway for a new round of talks between Afghan political leaders and the Taliban in the Qatari capital, Doha.
Taliban also called on fighters to avoid civilian deaths in their attacks.
(Sahar News)

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