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Whistle-Blower Behind White House Scandal is Immediately Back to Work for Trump

WASHINGTON – Tricia Newbold, the Trump administration’s latest whistle-blower, did something unexpected just hours after a House committee released a statement that the White House had quashed the fact that career had refused security clearances: she had returned to work, daily Independent reported Tuesday.
“As you can imagine,” Newbold, 39, an employee of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security, wrote in an e-mail during her round trip, “I am extremely worried about the how people at work will treat me.”
But according to her relatives, she was not afraid to talk to them about what she had seen.
Ms. Newbold’s decision to charge her own board with widespread mismanagement of the security clearances of at least 25 employees occurred months after what she described as personal discrimination and professional retaliation by Carl Kline, the former director of the office, after trying for about a year raising problems internally.
In a White House where aggressive leak investigations are carried out in the service of President Donald Trump, who signs confidentiality agreements, Ms. Newbold’s account represents the rarest development: an overwhelming narrative from a current employee in his ranks.
“She was not looking for trouble,” said Newbold’s lawyer Edward Pass man on Monday. And she was not trying to become public. But she was leaning against the wall and she did what she had to do.
Described as both “nonsense” and “intense” by those who spoke with her during the customs clearance process, Ms. Newbold served under four presidential administrations, starting with Clinton White House in 2000.
Finally, she rose through the ranks to become a contracting officer, a job that led her to make decisions about security clearance for employees in the administration.
His office is filled with reserves from other administrations, and he wants to be non-partisan.
Yet under the Trump administration, the office was filled with people with little experience in controlling their employees for the sake of national security, Newbold said in a nine-hour testimony to the US Committee on Oversight and government reform last week.
“There has been no resolution,” Newbold told the committee, according to a lengthy letter issued by the president of the Democratic group, in her interview, which contained quotations in extenso.
“And I think it’s my last hope to really bring integrity back to our office.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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