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11 Taliban militants killed in southern Afghanistan

11 Taliban Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan

LASHKAR GAH – At least 11 Taliban militants have been killed and three others wounded in two southern provinces, local officials said on Saturday.
In one incident, two militants were killed and three others wounded after an improvised explosive device (IED) they were planting detonated accidently in Mizan district of Zabul province Friday night, Afghan Army Corps 205 Attal, based in the region, said in a statement.
A total of six militants were killed after NATO-led coalition forces launched an airstrike in Nikzai village, Nahri Sarraj district of southern Helmand province, according to a statement issued by Army Corps 215 Maywand based in Helmand.
In neighboring Washer district, two militants were killed after Afghan Air Force (AAF) launched a sortie following which Afghan army’s ground forces found a gun and a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) from the site.
In Kim Bazar locality of Helmand’s Marja district, one Taliban militant was killed after an airstrike on Friday, according to the statement.
The army personnel also found and defused four IEDs in Helmand on Friday.
(Sahar News)

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