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Prisoners transferred to Afghanistan from Iran

1,280 Prisoners Transferred from Iran to Afghanistan

KABUL – A total of 1,280 prisoners have been transferred from Iran to Afghanistan under an agreement signed between the neighbors, officials said Wednesday.
Majority of them (650) were transferred to their home country this year, Aziz Ahmad Sarbaz, head of prisoners transfer delegation, told reporters in Kabul.
They were imprisoned on different charges and are transferred under an agreement signed 11 years ago.
In first, Iran moved 16 Afghan prisoners to their home country in exchange for 14 nationals of its own.
Sarbaz said that they were moved based on their own consent.
Around 5,000 Afghan prisoners are living in Iranian prisoners.
Sarbaz said that around 2,000 Afghan of them are expected to be moved to their home country from Iran until first quarter of next year.
Iranian authorities have been accused of mistreating Afghans. Afghans in Iran have complained about lack of access of lawyers and time-consuming process of addressing Afghan prisoners’ cases.
(Sahar News)

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