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13 Schools to be Built in Insecure Districts of Badghis

13 Schools Inaugurated in Insecure Districts of Badghis

KABUL – Work on construction of 13 schools was kicked off under government’s Citizen’s Charter program in two insecure districts of Badghis province, local officials said, adding that at least Afs 65 million (almost $870,000) has been allocated for the project.
The schools will provide education opportunity to thousands of students in Muqur and Jawand districts, a local official said, adding that the project will be completed within the next eight months.
“Work on the schools in Muqur and Jawand districts as well as on 12 other schools worth Afs 57 million will kick off this week and the construction of other schools will start gradually,” said Mohammad Haroon Anis, head of Citizen’s Charter program in Badghis.
Statistics by Ministry of Education from last year show that Badghis has 457 schools, including 75 high schools, with 120,000 students and 35 percent of them are girls.
Badghis Governor Abdul Ghafoor Malikzai said the Taliban will not stop construction of the schools as their children will be admitted in the schools.
“I do not think any challenge will occur on the way of construction of the schools because it is for the public. Construction of schools is not just for today; it is for a long time. The oppositions children also need education,” he said.
Some residents of the districts welcomed the move and vowed support to it.
“I am happy that an educational institute will be built here,” said Karimuddin, a resident of Muqur district.
“It is proud moment for us that the first school is being built for us. Students are still studying in open areas and there is no school here,” said Mohammad Anwar, another resident of Muqur.
(Sahar News)

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