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After 18 years US talking peace with Taliban

After 18 Years, US Talking Peace with Taliban: Trump

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump said on Friday that America, spending $50 billion a year in Afghanistan, had hit opponents so hard that they were talking peace after 18 long years.
“I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the “endless wars” of unlimited spending and death. During my campaign, I said that these wars must finally end,” Trump tweeted days after his special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad concluded the latest round of talks with the Taliban.
“We spend USD 50 billion a year in Afghanistan and have hit them so hard that we are now talking peace after 18 long years,” said Trump, who is yet to announce a timeline for troop withdrawal, but has repeatedly said he wants to get them back.
Last month, he had said regional countries like Russia and India should play a more active role in resolving the Afghan conflict.
“Syria was loaded with ISIS until I came along. We will soon have destroyed 100% of the caliphate, but will be watching them closely. It is now time to start coming home and, after many years, spending our money wisely. Certain people must get smart!” Trump said.
(Sahar News)

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