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70,000 Brussels Demonstrators Demand Action Against the Climate

BRUSSELS – At least 70,000 people faced cold and rain in Brussels on Sunday to ask the Belgian government and the European Union to redouble their efforts to fight climate change, the fourth climatic gathering of the Belgian capital in two months to attract at least 10,000 participants, AP reported Monday.
The event was described as the biggest climatic march ever held in Belgium, with police estimating that the number of visitors was slightly higher than that of a similar event last month. Trains from all over the country were so crowded that thousands of people did not walk in time.
Some 35,000 students in Belgium skipped classes on Thursday to respond to their calls for urgent action to prevent global warming on the streets.
Young people have set a good example, said a protester, Henny Claassen, among raised banners calling for better use of renewable energy and better air quality. It’s for our children, for our grandchildren and to send a message to the politicians.
Although the direct impact on Belgian politics was probably modest since the country is currently led by a transitional government, the demonstrations have pushed the issue of climate change on the agenda, as parties prepare for national elections and European May.
The 28-nation bloc has been at the forefront of global efforts to combat climate change, but has been criticized by protesters.
“Society as a whole could do a lot more, because they say,” Yes, we do a lot “, but they do not do much, they could do a lot more,” said protester Pieter Van Der Donckt.
Thousands of people have formed human chains or organized other climatic events in France.
In Paris, a recent debate was inspired by a petition calling on the government to set more ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions, which are responsible for global warming.
President Emmanuel Macron considers himself a climate advocate, but suffered a serious setback when fuel tax increases to help France wean himself off fossil fuels collapsed, sparking protests against the yellow vest that are in their third month.
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