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Pak Afghan agree on prisoners exchange

Afghanistan, Pakistan Agree on Prisoners Exchange

PESHAWAR – Afghan Ambassador Shukrullah Atif Mashal on Tuesday claimed that Kabul and Islamabad had agreed to work out a mechanism for swapping prisoners, who had either completed their prison terms or were granted bail but couldn’t be freed due to certain reasons.
Addressing refugees here, the ambassador said the prisoners’ issue had come under discussion during a recent visit of Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to Kabul.
He said both sides had agreed on the exchange of prisoners.
Ambassador Mashal said the Afghan embassy’s team would visit various prisons in Pakistan for identification of prisoners.
“Many prisoners arrested in pity offences in the two countries should be released,” he said.
The ambassador said a 10-member team of Afghan government would visit prisons in Pakistan to find out prisoners, who had either completed their jail terms or were granted bails but couldn’t be released.
He said he would also inspect prisons.
He said the Afghan government would facilitate Pakistani officials to inspect jails in Afghanistan to identify Pakistani prisoners, who couldn’t be freed due to some reasons.
The envoy, who assumed the charge in Islamabad around three weeks ago, didn’t explain whether the deal will be applicable to prisoners detained on charges of subversive activities and other heinous crimes in the two countries.
Both countries have yet to sign extradition or prisoner exchange treaties.
The envoy said Pakistani authorities had also promised to facilitate the entry of Afghan travelers at Torkham. He said he had proposed to make separate arrangements for women, elders and ambulance service at Torkham border to prevent mess and keep them from long wait.
He said Afghanistan wanted to increase the volume of trade with Pakistan. He asked Afghan and Pakistani traders to begin joint business ventures.
Ambassador Mashal also said durable peace in Afghanistan was not only in the interest of Afghan nation but it would promote peace in the entire region.
He urged Pakistan and other neighboring countries to play role for peace in his country.
(Sahar News)

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