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Afghanistan to send first batch of labors to UAE

Afghanistan to Send First Batch of Labors to UAE

KABUL – Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) on Thursday announced that Afghanistan plans to dispatch the first batch of workers to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) within the next three months.
The first batch, which will include 2,500 labors, will be hired from all provinces on the basis of merit, said the ministry.
But, economic analysts have said such plans will not help overcome the unemployment rate in the country, asking the government to outline more comprehensive strategies to help boost the national economy and create jobs for the people.
Afghanistan and UAE signed an agreement on hiring of Afghan workers seven months ago.
According to Afghan officials, skilled and vocational workers would have more chance being hired for the work market in the UAE.
“We have started the jobs, we are determined to send over 2,500 workers in March, but the process will be a test one initially. Practical measures are underway about the hiring process,” said Abdul Fatah Eshratzai, spokesman for MoLSAMD.
Afghanistan has also sealed similar agreements with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar as moves to overcome the issue of unemployment.
“One of the temporary solutions to the issue of unemployment is to send workers to other countries which are committed to us, this is a positive step,” said Mohammad Ali Mashal, an economic analyst.
Statistics from the Afghan government reveal that over 400,000 new job seekers were added to the workforce in the country yearly.
Currently, 1.9 million people from the workforce are jobless, said the ministry.
(Sahar News)

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