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Brexit: EU Warns UK to Pay £39bln Divorce Bill Even if There is no Agreement

BRUSSELS – The EU has asked the United Kingdom to pay the £39 billion divorce bill in case of a hopeless Brexit, AFP reported Thursday.
Theresa May had previously agreed to cover the costs of joining the European Union until 2020.
At present, Brussels politicians would demand that this money be paid in full – even if the UK collapses without agreement.
The proposals have been revealed in emergency plans drawn up by the EU while the possibility of a dead Brexit is getting closer.
A statement from the European Commission said that all commitments made by the 28 Member States should be honored by the 28 Member States.
“This is also true in a” no agreement “scenario, in which the United Kingdom should continue to respect all the commitments made upon accession to the EU.”
The demand is likely to make the Brexiteers furious that money should be retained as a bargaining tool to ensure a better compromise with the bloc.
EU seems to speed up preparations for Brexit without agreement after MEPs backed Theresa May to tear up withdrawal agreement and find “alternative arrangements” for Northern Ireland’s bailout.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, added: “I will listen to his ideas, but I will also be extremely clear on the EU position.”
“Yesterday’s vote further increased the risk of a disordered exit from the UK.”
“We tried everything in our power to prepare for all scenarios, including the worst.”
Mr. Barnier confirmed this warning by saying that preparations for a non-agreement were now “more essential than ever”.
“It is now less than 60 days since the UK will leave, but we do not have a positive majority in the House of Commons for a clearly identified solution accepted by the UK.”
“It is therefore urgent that we are prepared for all the scenarios and all the emergency measures, which are more essential than ever.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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