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China Says Hopes World Provides ‘Constructive’ Help to Venezuela

BEIJING – China hopes that the international community will be able to provide “constructive” aid to Venezuela based on respect for the country’s sovereignty, the Foreign Ministry said Monday after Venezuelan troops repulsed convoys foreign aid, Reuters reported on Monday.
Violent clashes between security forces and US-backed crackdown on Saturday in the economically devastated country left nearly 300 injured and at least three demonstrators dead near the Brazilian border.
The United States has threatened new sanctions and Brazil has urged its allies to join a “liberation effort”.
China hopes that Venezuela can remain peaceful and calm, said the Foreign Ministry, reiterating Beijing’s opposition to foreign interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs or the use of “so-called” humanitarian aid for political purposes.
“We once again call on the government and the opposition in Venezuela to seek a political resolution within the framework of the constitution and the law, and call on the international community to do more to ensure stability, economic development and improved security. Venezuela’s livelihoods are truly beneficial,” the ministry said.
Juan Guaido urged foreign powers to consider “all options” to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, in anticipation of a meeting of the regional group of nations from Lima to Bogota, which will be attended by the United State’s Vice President Mike Pence.
Beijing has lent more than $50 billion to Venezuela through “oil-for-loan” partnership agreements over the past decade, securing energy supplies for its fast-growing economy.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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