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China Still Says It Wants to Resolve Disputes Through Negotiations

BEIJING – China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that Beijing has always wanted to resolve all disputes through negotiations in the context of a growing trade dispute with the United States, Reuters reported Friday.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks during a daily press briefing.
US President Donald Trump has complained about China’s trade practices since taking office in 2016.
The United States opened a China Trade Policy Survey in 2017. It imposed tariffs on Chinese products worth billions of dollars last year and Beijing retaliated.
After months of hostilities, the two countries agreed to set new trade tariffs in December to allow for talks.
Optimism had grown over the prospect of an agreement, but that has faded and the US has now more than doubled tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion.
Beijing fought back three days later with tariff increases of $60 billion worth of US goods.
Last year, the United States imposed three sets of tariffs on Chinese goods worth more than $250 billion.
Tariffs of up to 25% cover a wide range of industrial and consumer goods ranging from handbags to railroad equipment.
Beijing responded with $110 billion tariffs on US products, accusing them of triggering “the biggest trade war in economic history.”
China has targeted products such as chemicals, coal and medical equipment, with levies ranging from 5% to 25%.
He also targeted products made in US districts with strong support for Republicans, as well as products that could be purchased elsewhere, such as soy.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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