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Dostum Proposes a 6-Month Plan to Defeat Taliban

Dostum Proposes a 6-Month Plan to Defeat Taliban

KABUL – The First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum said he has proposed a 6-month plan to government, US and NATO for the defeat of Taliban in North of Afghanistan.
Gen. Dostum, in a video message, which he published ahead of the release of a movie which will depict his role in support of the US-led invasion in Afghanistan in 2001, shared the information.
In his video message, Gen. Dostum said he has proposed to President Ashraf Ghani, the National Security Council, the US, NATO and international allies to consider his plan and implement it.
Furthermore, Gen. Dostum said his plan will not need the deployment of infantry forces of the United States and other facilities to defeat the Taliban group.
Gen. Dosum further added that the United States is facing a stalemate in the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
However, Gen. Dostum said he prefers a US withdrawal from Afghanistan in a decent manner and with achievements, insisting: “We have the ability to defeat Taliban but the President, the US and NATO should trust us.”
In other parts of his speech, Gen. Dostum said the purpose of his plan is not to decompose the north of Afghanistan from the other parts of the country, but he wants to help the US in a similar way he did in 2001 and that he wants the US to withdraw from the country leaving behind a legacy of victory.
This comes as the US President Donald Trump’s administration initiated peace talks with Taliban nearly nine months ago to end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan through political negotiations.
However, President Trump called off the peace talks on Sunday following a series of deadly attacks in Kabul city which left dozens of people dead including an American soldier. Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks amid ongoing negotiations.
(Sahar News)

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