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European Lawmakers Urge Britain to Cancel Brexit

LONDON – Many Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have made a moving appeal to the UK government to think about future generations and stay in the EU. Legislators have said they want to “send a signal” that the UK is welcome, DW reported Monday.
In an open letter quoted Monday by newspapers from the German media group Funke, more than 100 MEPs urged the UK to cancel Brexit, saying such a decision would be welcome in the EU.
The draft letter is expected to be published in Britain one day before a crucial vote in the UK Parliament on Prime Minister Theresa May’s draft Brexit agreement, which observers expect to fail.
European lawmakers say, “We would like to work with you to reform and improve the European Union.” (We greatly appreciate) the considerable influence exerted by politicians and British citizens over the last 40 years.
Peter Liese, MEP and MP for the center-right European People’s Party (Christian Democratic Union), told the Funke press group: “We want to send a signal to the people and, as such, to the House of Commons, stating that if the British decide to stay, they are welcome. ”
In Germany, industry leaders have warned of the dire consequences of a Brexit without agreement.
Eric Schweitzer, President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that in Germany, about 750,000 jobs depend on trade with the UK Without an agreement, millions of additional customs declarations and billions of rights customs should be paid.”
The UK Parliament is due to hold a pivotal vote on the May Brexit plans on Tuesday, but observers say it does not have enough support to succeed.
Some British lawmakers have suggested extending the Brexit deadline, which is currently set for March 29th. But Manfred Weber, the main candidate of the European People’s Party, said such an extension should not go beyond the European elections scheduled for May.
As the United Kingdom prepares for a decisive vote on the May draft agreement, the Prime Minister will speak for the last time to workers in the factories of Stoke-on-Trent, a post-industrial city that has voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.
In her speech, she should be convinced that UK lawmakers will choose to stay in the EU instead of collapsing outside the bloc without reaching an agreement.
“Some in Westminster would like to delay or even stop the Brexit and will use all the tools at their disposal to do it,” May said. It will then invite legislators to “examine the consequences of their actions on the confidence of the British people in our democracy.”
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