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For First Time, Woman Became Head of “Afghan Film”

For the First Time, Woman Appointed as Head of “Afghan Film”

KABUL – Sahra Karimi is the first Afghan female who has been appointed as the director of state-run “Afghan Film” production company, though it has not been productive in recent years and is in recession.
The administrative reform and civil service commission announced that Sahra Karimi, country’s film-maker, has been appointed as general director through a merit-based process.
“Sahra Karimi, filmmaker and director, has been appointed as the first female general director of Afghan Film, the country’s state-run film production company, through a merit-based process conducted at the Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission.
Sahra Karimi, actress and filmmaker, was born in Iran and achieved her PhD from the Slovak University of Film and Television.
(Sahar News)

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