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Govt has the key to peace

Govt Has the Key to Peace, Reconciliation: Ashraf Ghani

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Afghan government has the key to peace and reconciliation since a proper plan, program, and road map is available with the government.
He made the remarks during the national conference of youths and peace which was organized in Loya Jirga auditorium hall on Wednesday.
In the meantime, he emphasized that the government wants unconditional negotiations with the Taliban but reconciliation process has conditions.
This comes as efforts are underway to launch direct negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban group to end the violence in the country but the Taliban have so far rejected to hold talks with the government.
In response to Taliban’s stance for considering the government as illegitimate and refusing direct talks, President Ghani questioned the legitimacy of Taliban group and the justification the group offers for waging war.
President Ghani said the religious scholars have denounced the killings of civilians and suicide attacks during the gatherings in Mecca and Indonesia.
He explained that the authority of the president lies with the nation and has been specified by the constitution of the country.
President Ghani also questioned if Taliban have any plan for peace and if the authority of the group lies with the leaders of the group or with the foreigners.
He also added that the government respects the views of Taliban and the group should also respect the will of the Afghan people.
(Sahar News)

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