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India Says It Successfully Test-Fires Anti-Satellite Weapon

NEW DELHI – India says it has successfully test-fired an anti-satellite weapon in an unexpected announcement just weeks before a general election, ABC news reported Wednesday.
According to reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an address broadcast live Wednesday that Indian scientists had earlier destroyed a low earth orbit satellite with a missile, demonstrating India’s capacity as a “space power” alongside the U.S., Russia and China.
The announcement is Modi’s latest bid to retain power in polls beginning April 11.
After 40 Indian soldiers were killed in a February suicide bombing in disputed Kashmir, India said it retaliated with a “surgical strike” on a terrorist camp in Pakistan.
Afterward in an air skirmish, Pakistan shot down one of India’s MIG 21 fighter jet, prompting scrutiny of India’s aging military hardware.
According to some analysts, the news of inventing anti-satellite weapon is nothing more than a stunt to influence results of the upcoming elections in India.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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