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It Would be Wonderful if Pakistan and India Got Along “: Trump

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump said his government would comment on last week’s suicide bombing in Pulwama – which killed more than 40 Indian soldiers, Dawn news reported Wednesday.
Trump, while answering a media question about the attack, said, “I watched; I have a lot of reports about it. We will have comments on this in due course. It would be wonderful if they [Pakistan and India] get along well.”
The president, who made the remarks at a signing ceremony of the oval office on Tuesday, called the attack “horrible”.
Earlier in the day, State Department spokesman Robert Palladino told a news conference that the US government was in contact with both governments about the incident.
Relations between Pakistan and India have been tense since the suicide bombing, the latter accusing the former of being complicit in the attack – an accusation Islamabad has denied from the beginning.
On Tuesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Islamabad would take action if Delhi shared evidence that could lead to action on last week’s suicide bombing.
While offering his cooperation and another chance to dialogue on the issue of Kashmir, Khan also warned India against any act of aggression, saying that Pakistan would not hesitate to respond to a provocation.
India, however, reacted to Prime Minister Khan’s offer in more detail, describing the Prime Minister’s statement that Pakistan itself was the biggest victim of terrorism, far from the truth.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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