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Kabul Demands Clarification on Recent Trump Statement

Kabul Demands Clarification on Recent Trump Statement

KABUL – In response to the latest remarks by the US President Donald Trump, the government of Afghanistan demands clarification saying there is a difference between statements and the official policy of a country.

According to a statement released from Presidential Palace, late on Thursday, the government of Afghanistan has asked Washington to provide clarification regarding the recent Trump statement.

“Through our diplomatic channels, we have asked the friend government of the United States of America to provide clarity regarding some statements made. We are hopeful to receive the response in the near future,” the statement said.

The US President said on Wednesday that he wants the regional countries, including India, Russia, and Pakistan to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Trump further justified the Soviet Union’s ten-year invasion of Afghanistan. He also asserted that Moscow’s involvement in Afghanistan in the 1980s led to the “bankruptcy” and breakup of the Soviet Union.
On the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the Presidential Palace statement said: “After the occupation of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union, the Afghan people started their sacred Jihad for the sake of their liberty and freedom, which was backed by the consensus in the world and the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution.”

The statement comes amid reports on a possible withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

(Sahar News)

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