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Kashmir Conference Held in the British Parliament

LONDON – Pakistan’s parliamentary group in England, held an international conference on Kashmir in the UK Parliament on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day, Pakistani media reported Tuesday.
All parties of Pakistan and the United Kingdom attended the Kashmir conference.
Dozens of Kashmir representative groups also attended one of the largest Kashmiri conferences ever held in the British Parliament.
Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said it was encouraging to see so much support for the Kashmir issue in the UK from the parliamentary group on Pakistan.
“The worst human rights violations perpetrated by India simply because Kashmiris want the right to self-determination.”
The minister said we were here to express our support for the Kashmiris and all those who love freedom despite the oppression of India
“Humanity is bleeding in Kashmir, people are afflicted, life is extremely difficult over the days. Rape, murder and serious injury are daily occurrences. ”
He assured the Kashmiris that they were not alone in their just struggle. “We will continue to provide all kinds of diplomatic and moral support and we will defend them at every stage of the process.”
India and Pakistan need to start discussions and resolve all issues through dialogue.
British Labor MP and shadow Foreign Minister Debbie Abrahams said that we need to wake up the international community to be interested in Kashmir and its right to self-determination.
India is a member of the Commonwealth and, by its rule, should respect human rights, he said, adding that India, the United Kingdom and Pakistan could regroup as a country. Commonwealth and force India to comply with Commonwealth standards.
Liberal Democrat Tom Brake said: “It is unanimously recognized that human rights must be protected and there is no military conflict.”
He added, “The British government has a special role to play in the historical role it has to play.”
Labor MP Sharron Debbie from Birmingham said she was united with what is happening in Kashmir. Peace can never be achieved by violent means.
EX Premier Kjell Magne Bondevick said Kashmir was the most enduring conflict. People are suffering, adding that huge abuses have created a refugee problem.
He added that it was difficult to attract attention as the conflict between Yemen and Syria continued. “I visited Kashmir and was horrified to see the humanitarian situation. The only durable solution is political.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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