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Khalilzad should be given time for Afghan problem

Khalilzad Should be Given Time to Solve “Afghan Problem”: Mohaqiq

KABUL – Leader of People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and Second Deputy to CEO Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, who has retained his post as second deputy to the CEO despite being sacked by Afghan president earlier this month, said the Washington’s Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad should be given time to solve the “Afghan problem”.
He, however, warned that current efforts will not end proxy wars in our country if there is no regional consensus on peace.
Mohaqiq said Afghanistan’s crisis will be prolonged if Khalilzad’s efforts to end the 17-year conflict in Afghanistan fails.
“It is good to give Khalilzad time and Khalilzad should consider the issue that the problem will not be solved with visiting only UAE or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan; there are many other interested countries in the region; ignoring them might result in another problem for us (Afghanistan). This move should continue both from inside (the country) and from outside as well,” Mohaqiq said.
Khalilzad, while meeting with Afghan media had said that the opportunity of peace is evident and the key to it lies with Afghans.
The remarks by Khalilzad were met with mixed reaction from Afghan politicians.
Former Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor said Afghanistan has inched closer towards peace and that they demand the country’s leaders, Ghani in particular, prevent “anger and emotional reaction” as it is not in favor of the country.
Noor said any decision should be made in light of political wisdom and above all by paying respect to the national interests. Noor said that the opportunity for ensuring peace in the country should not be undermined by “maintaining of Ghani and his aides’ power”.
An analyst and member of a Kabul-based political party said the plan cannot be judged as long as it is not agreed to on paper. “We cannot say that it is surrendering or it is peace unless the plan is written on paper and is agreed to by the involved sides,” said Hamid Saboori, an international affairs analyst.
(Sahar News)

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