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Mark Zuckerberg Describes Facebook Overhaul “Privacy-Focused”

CALIFORNIA – Facebook does not have an enviable reputation for privacy given its many data scandals, and Mark Zuckerberg wants to fix it. Following what he said in a recent financial result call, the CEO announced his intention to further rework Facebook’s services around a “privacy-centric” approach to over the next few years. This includes “simple and intimate” places where no one else can see your data, use end-to-end encryption, reduced amount of permanent content, increased security and secure storage of data. Zuckerberg also promised more interoperability between applications and networks, Engadget reported Thursday.
Zuckerberg saw WhatsApp as a model for these changes. It is first and foremost a secure messaging platform, which includes features based on this method. The executive suggested that this ultimately represented “the future of communication”, where you can be sure that everything you say is both protected and impermanent.
He also acknowledged skepticism about any privacy-focused approach at Facebook, noting that many would not believe he would like to reform his services.
“Frankly, we do not currently have a solid reputation for setting up privacy protection services,” said Zuckerberg.
However, he stressed that Facebook has “many times” evolved to create features that people would like and that the new privacy protection strategy would be open and collaborative.
This could include difficult decisions, too. Zuckerberg acknowledged that refusing to store sensitive data in countries where human rights are poorly respected could be blocked or ruled out.
This is a “compromise we are willing to make,” he said.
If the strategy works as promised, it is a significant shift in strategy for a business that is virtually synonymous with data collection and sharing.
However, to a certain extent, this is as much about Facebook’s long-term survival as anything else. The company apologizes too often for confidentiality issues. In addition, his reputation, already bruised, has been hit hard. If Facebook does not put more emphasis on confidentiality, it may lose the public’s favor or comply with strict regulations. A gesture now could save him a lot of pain later.
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