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Merkel Defends Russia’s Ties, Ridicules Trump on Cars

MOSCOW – German leader Angela Merkel said Russia could be a cold-war “partner” for Europe but US policy towards Iran was “depressing” and her assertion that German cars would be a “threat to security” was “frightening”, Euobserver reported Monday.
Mike Pence linked EU support to the nuclear arms agreement between Iran and anti-Semitism in his Munich speech
Russia has “illegally” annexed Crimea, “attacked” eastern Ukraine and “violated” the ban on short-range nuclear missiles, she said in a speech delivered at the Munich Security Conference, International Congress in Germany.
The EU should consider additional sanctions against Moscow for its recent naval aggression against Ukraine, she added. But there was hope to return to better times via diplomacy, she further added.
“After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we certainly had hope (…) to achieve better cooperation,” Merkel said.
“Today, in 2019, it seems like a long time ago … [but] in a few years, it could be very different again,” she said.
Germany’s plan to build a new gas pipeline to Russia, called Nord Stream 2, was also not wrong, she added.
“If we already had Russian gas during the Cold War … and the former Federal Republic of Germany was introducing Russian gas on a large scale – then I do not know why the current situation should be so much worse than we can say: Russia remains a partner,” said Merkel referring to the former West Germany.
The German Chancellor announced Monday that EU foreign ministers were ready to add names of Russia in blacklist, following her naval skirmish against Ukraine in November.
It has long supported the European Union and US sanctions imposed on Russia are for its invasion of Ukraine.
But it also defended Nord Stream 2 despite US warnings and wider that it posed a strategic threat to EU energy security.
Merkel spoke in the middle of a break between US President Donald Trump and the US president on Iran and transatlantic trade.
In May, Trump renounced an EU-backed nuclear arms pact with Iran and threatened EU companies with sanctions if they worked there.
He has also imposed tariffs on EU products, including German cars, which his administration has described as posing a risk to US “security”.
“We must pay attention to this split [on Iran], which is very depressing,” Merkel said.
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