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Miller Wants Troops to Prepare for Any Outcome

Miller Wants Troops to Prepare for Any Outcome

WASHINGTON – The top US general in Afghanistan on Tuesday told NATO troops to prepare for any outcome in peace talks between the US and Taliban that have gained momentum in recent weeks, Reuters reported.

Gen. Scott Miller, head of US forces and the NATO-led noncombat Resolution Support mission in Afghanistan, stressed the need for a political end to the war.

 “Are [Resolution Support] able to adapt? Are we able to adjust?” Miller asked. 

He did touch on reports that President Trump was considering pulling out roughly half of the 14,000 US troops currently deployed in Afghanistan. 

A White House spokesman said last week that Trump had not yet issued orders to the Pentagon to withdraw the troops.

As the administration considers a possible pullout, US officials have ramped up peace talk efforts over the last several months.

Taliban representatives have indicated for months that they do not intend to make a deal through Afghanistan officials, but Washington has insisted that a deal must be led by the Afghans.

Taliban and Afghan officials have met at least three times to discuss the withdrawal of US and NATO forces and a ceasefire in 2019, but outcome has been achieved regarding stoppage of war.

(Sahar News)

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