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Candidates protest against Kabul results

MPs and Candidates Call for By-Election in Kabul

KABUL – A day after Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced preliminary results of parliamentary election in Kabul after a long delay, member of parliament, candidates from Kabul for Wolesi Jigra, civil society members, political movements accused IEC for fraud and rigging during the elections.
The protestors demanded that the result should be declared void and re-election should be conducted in capital Kabul.
“The Parliamentary election result of Kabul should be declared void in 24 hours, according to the legal law and decision of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission on the basis of a precise and legal mechanism, transparent, fair, secret and universal elections should be held again,” the protesters, during a press conference, said.
They also urged the relevant authorities that the commissioners and secretary of the IEC played with the votes of people and also with the aspiration of Afghan so their names should be in blacklist and there should be a trail in court.
Masoma Tawasoli a candidate from Kabul said that she went to Sayyad’s office, head of the IEC, asked him how he could not manage the Kabul election.
“He (Sayyad) replied that he agreed that the votes are traded, but there are some people who have link with the election commissioners and influencing them in their favor.”
She added that when she asked IEC chief about his role in the commission, he replied that he had the same opinion: “If you have money buy vote for yourself, I’ll announce your name in the results, but if you have document, go to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.”
Erfan ullah Erfan, another candidate from Kabul province, accused the election commission for political, moral and financial corruption.
He said, “The initial results of Kabul are fake and fabricated which is announced by IEC on Monday.”
He added that the list, which was announced by the IEC, was a list of a limited number of businessmen who got votes for their money.
“The election commission sold these votes to $200 to $300 each,” he added.
Meanwhile, the protesters said in a statement that those who were identified and arrested by the Complaints Commission, security forces, and observers of civil and political institutions linked to fraud and electoral corruption, should be punished.
The candidates warned that if the government and the IEC did not address their demands, there would be widespread protests throughout Kabul and provinces, the responsibility of all uncertain situation would be borne by the government and the IEC.
Meanwhile, IEC said candidates can file petition and complaint to the commission within 48 hours of announcing initial results.
(Sahar News)

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