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NASA Captures Unprecedented Images of Supersonic Shockwaves

WASHINGTON – NASA captured unprecedented photos of the shockwave interaction of two supersonic aircraft as part of its research into the development of planes capable of flying faster than sound, AFP said Friday
When an airplane crosses this threshold – about 1,225 km / h at sea level – it generates waves under the effect of the pressure exerted on him and around, which merge to cause the sound that tears the ear.
During a complex maneuver of “rock star” pilots at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, two T-38 supersonic jets departed at just nine meters under another plane, waiting to photograph them with an advanced high-speed camera, the agency said.
The rendezvous – at an altitude of about 30,000 feet – gave fascinating images of the shock waves emanating from the two planes.
With one plane flying just behind the other, “the shocks will have a different shape,” said Neal Smith of Aerospace Computing Inc, an engineering company working with NASA, in an article posted on the agency’s website.
“These data will really help us better understand how these shocks interact.”
Sonic booms can be a major nuisance, able not only to surprise people on the ground but also to cause damage – such as broken windows – which has resulted in severe restrictions on supersonic overflight over land in jurisdictions such as United States.
The ability to capture such detailed images of shockwaves will be “crucial” for NASA’s development of the X-59, said the agency, a supersonic experimental aircraft which, he hopes, will be able to cross the wall of sound with just a roar instead of a boom.
Such an advance could result in the relaxation of flight restrictions and the return of supersonic commercial aircraft for the first time since Concorde’s retirement in 2003.
Some countries and cities have banned the Franco-British airliner from their airspace because of its boom.
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