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No timetable for US troops withdrawal

No timetable for US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Khalilzad

WASHINGTON – United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad clarified early Thursday that the United States had not outlined a troop withdrawal timetable during talks with the Afghan Taliban.
In a tweet, Khalilzad addressed ‘claims’ made by Taliban officials that the US had a troop pull-out timetable for Afghanistan. “Today, they correctly retracted that claim. To be clear: no troop withdrawal timetable exists.”
The statement came after a Taliban official confirmed on Wednesday that no timetable had been agreed with the US government for the partial withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and that negotiations were still underway.
Earlier, Russia’s RIA news agency had quoted a Taliban official at peace talks in Moscow as saying that Washington had promised to pull out half of its troops from Afghanistan by the end of April.
But that report was contradicted at the end of the talks in Moscow, with the Taliban official previously quoted by RIA, Abdul Salam Hanafi, denying that he had made the comment. He said there was no detailed agreement with the US chief negotiator Khalilzad who has been meeting separately with Taliban negotiators. “Until now we did not agree,” the Taliban official said.
On an April withdrawal, he said: “It’s our desire. It is our demand … Our demand is withdrawing of foreign forces as soon as possible.”
(Sahar News)

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