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The Forgotten Promises of NUG

The forgotten promises of NUG

More than four years have passed since the formation of National Unity Government (NUG). President Ghani had made many promises to the people at the beginning of NUG, but now analysts and people say many issues remain unresolved; particularly, security has worsened in these four years, and poverty and unemployment …

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Feature: Ghani’s Reluctance to Support ‘Intra-Afghan’ Peace Talks

Ghani's Reluctance to Support Intra-Afghan Talks

The disagreement between President Ghani and a delegation of US diplomats who are working to end the longest US war seems to be at the highest level. The friction did not appear before, but now it is tense, as Ghani has shown clear reluctance to support their stance. The disagreement …

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Is IEC Capable of Holding Upcoming Elections?

final election results announced for six provinces

Election is the only ray of hope for the future of Afghanistan. It is the key among the civil rights and social rights. Many Afghans demand change in the current situation. So, conducting general election is the last hope for such changes, which is scheduled on July 20 by Independent …

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Feature: Delay and Concerns Regarding Presidential Election in Afghanistan

Delay and Concerns Regarding Presidential Elections

The announcement of a three-month delay in holding presidential election is not only a violation of article 61 of the constitution and a clear violation of the electoral calendar but also a betrayal by the electoral commission. At the same time, it will be no longer legitimate to let the …

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The Reasons of US Failure in Afghanistan

The reasons of US defeat in Afghanistan

In 2001, the United States (US) launched a campaign in Afghanistan to combat terrorism and extremism, which was led by Al-Qaeda and its alliance. The Americans started with the slogans of reforming the Afghan political system, preserve human rights, the spread of good governance, the fight against narcotics, and addressing …

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Feature: Role of Pakistan in Promoting Peace in Afghanistan

Role of Pakistan in promoting peace in Afghanistan

Peace in Afghanistan is a great dream that, in addition to the people of Afghanistan, is also considered valuable by the residents of many neighboring countries, because they believe that peace in Afghanistan will contribute to security and stability in their countries. The war in Afghanistan has long been influencing …

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Feature: Government’s Confrontation with Local Commanders

Govt Confrontation with Local Commanders

The popular uprisings or self-defense groups in Afghanistan under local commanders, also formalized in the form of local police in certain areas, were created with the deteriorating security situation over the past some years. When they were formed, they had the agreement of the government, security institutions and the people …

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Feature: Achieving Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

Achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan

Recently, certain talks, summits and conferences have been held for lasting peace in Afghanistan, and everybody seems to be in a hurry to conclude reconciliation process with Taliban. United States, in particular, seems to be trying very hard to end the battle and reach agreement with Taliban. Zalmay Khalilzad, who …

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The Reasons of People’s Distrust on NUG

The reasons of peoples distrust on NUG

With the formation of National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, the citizens of the country were determined to see a change in the economic life of the country and to experience the economic situation of the country improve. But over the past four years, it has been observed that not …

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Feature: Who Holds the Key to Peace in Afghanistan?

The Key to Peace in Afghanistan

Recently, peace talks with Taliban have been in a hurry, and various talks have been held with them by US and regional countries. Moscow Summit and different rounds of Qatar talks have been efforts in the same regard. America, the largest supporter of Kabul, after spending seventeen years in Afghanistan, …

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