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Feature: Pakistan and Peace in Afghanistan

Role of Pakistan in Peace in Afghanistan Bhurban Lahore Process

Peace in Afghanistan is a great dream that, in addition to the people of Afghanistan, is also pursued by neighboring countries, because they believe that the establishment of peace in Afghanistan will contribute to the security and stability of their countries. The war in Afghanistan has long been abhorred by …

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Feature: The Challenges of Conducting Presidential Election in 2019

The challenges of conducting presidential election in 2019

The political and security situation of Afghanistan is very challenging currently. There is no short-term solution to overcome these challenges, because the root of the current challenges is related to regional, political and security situation in the region. Keeping in mind this situation and the complexity of peace and democratization …

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Feature: Financial and Moral Corruption in Arg

Financial and Moral Corruption in Arg

General Habibullah Ahmadzai, a candidate removed from the Wolesi Jirga election list of Kabul and a former adviser to the president on special security issues, in a conversation with a domestic television, charged a number of President Ashraf Ghani’s advisers with moral and financial corruption and, specifically, Mahmud Fazli was …

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Feature: Lessons Learnt from Failed Parliamentary Election

Lessons Learnt from Failed Parliamentary Election

President Ashraf Ghani described the 7-month delay in announcing the results of the parliamentary election in Kabul and Paktika provinces a ‘catastrophe’ in an inauguration ceremony, which was held in the capital, and called on deputies to avoid repetition of the disaster by modifying the election law. He attributed the …

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Feature: Expensive Loya Jirga in Poor Afghanistan

Expensive Loya Jirga in Poor Afghanistan

Among the efforts in Afghanistan that have been made to bring peace and stability, the only contribution of National Unity Government (NUG) has been to organize the Consultative Loya Jirga on peace, which ended a few days ago with a 23-article resolution. Although, according to the Constitution of Afghanistan, Loya …

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The Hasty Inauguration of Wolesi Jirga

Wolesi Jirga new term inaugrated

President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the 17th term of the Afghan Parliament – the Wolesi Jirga – last week at a time when the final results of five provinces, including Kabul, have not been announced. As per the constitutional requirements, the parliament should have been inaugurated last year in March, but …

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Feature: Why ‘War’ Against Narcotics Failed in Afghanistan?

US Marines and Navy Gunnary Sergeant Nat

Afghanistan is a landlocked country, engaged in prolonged internal wars and a war on terror, and the only country in the world whose main production narcotics is circulating in most parts of the world. The country that has the most notorious smuggling network and smugglers, even, some politician included in …

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Feature: Afghan Delegation and Doha Summit

Taliban Blame Kabul for Cancelation of Qatar Meeting

A list of the 250 people was introduced by the Afghan government who were scheduled to attend the Doha Summit to talk to the Taliban, which was also the reason that talks were canceled at the last moment. Taliban ridiculed the number of negotiators and Qatari sponsorship for the talks …

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FEATURE: Who is Responsible for the Failure of PROMOTE?

Who is Responsible for the Failure of PROMOTE?

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), in its new report, said that one of the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) projects in Afghanistan has wasted US taxpayers’ money. It highlighted that USAID has devoted $280 million for the PROMOTE project in Afghanistan with the goal of employing …

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