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3227 babies to born in Afghanistan

Over 3,227 Babies May be Born in Afghanistan Today: UNICEF

KABUL – More than 3,227 babies – about 0.82% of the estimated 395,072 to be born on New Year’s Day – would be born in Afghanistan today, UNICEF said in a statement.

“In cities around the world, revelers will welcome not only the New Year with great festivities but also their newest and tiniest residents. As the clock strikes midnight, Sydney will greet an estimated 168 babies, followed by 310 in Tokyo, 605 in Beijing, 166 in Madrid and finally, 317 in New York,” the statement said.

According to UNICEF, Fiji in the Pacific will most likely deliver 2019’s first baby while the last baby will be born in United States.

A total of 99,183 babies will be born in South Asia alone, representing one quarter of all babies born, UNICEF said, adding that out of which 69944 babies would born in India, 15112 babies in Pakistan, 8428 in Bangladesh, 1591 in Nepal, 822 in Sri Lanka, 40 in Bhutan, and 19 n Maldives.

“This New Year Day, let’s all make a resolution to fulfill every right of every child, starting with the right to survive,” says Stefano Savi, Deputy Representative, UNICEF Afghanistan.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which UNICEF will be commemorating with worldwide events throughout the year. Under the convention, governments committed, among other things, to taking measures to save every child by providing good quality health care.

UNICEF’s Every Child Alive campaign seeks immediate investment to deliver affordable, quality health care solutions for every mother and newborn.

Thirty years after world leaders committed to preserving children’s rights, newborns continue to be lost because of who they are or where they are from, says Savi.

“This year, we should renew our efforts to give every baby in Afghanistan a chance to survive, to be free of polio, to laugh, to cry, to play, to grow – to have a name and to have a life.”

(Sahar News)

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