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Pakistan Releases Detained Indian Pilot as Good will Gesture for Peace

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan will release the captured Indian pilot, who was arrested after the Indian fighter jet was hit by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on entering Pakistan, Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan announced while addressing joint session of Parliament on Thursday, Dawn News reported.
Tens of thousands of Indian and Pakistani soldiers clash along the controversial border known as the “Line of Control” in one of the world’s most volatile regions. Tensions have been high since Indian planes entered Pakistan on Tuesday, carrying out what India calls a preemptive strike against militants accused of committing a suicide bombing on February 14 in Indian Kashmir that killed more than 40 soldiers. Pakistan fought back, shooting down two Indian planes and capturing a pilot.
World leaders have worked to end a total war against the Asian subcontinent.
Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, is expected in Islamabad on Friday with an urgent message from the powerful Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told lawmakers on Thursday: “We are going to release the Indian pilot tomorrow, in a gesture of good will.”
Khan also said he feared Wednesday night that India was launching a missile attack, but the situation was later defused. He did not elaborate.
“Pakistan wants peace, but it should not be treated as a weakness,” Khan said. “The region will prosper if there is peace and stability, it’s good for both sides.”
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned on Thursday that “India’s enemies are conspiring to create instability in the country through terrorist attacks.”
Meanwhile, Pakistan’s airspace remained closed on Friday for most planes, although some domestic flights were cleared on Thursday. The airspace is expected to reopen at Today 6 pm, according to official government notice.
Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal acknowledged that his country had received a “dossier” from India about the February 14 attack. He refused to provide details on the information shared by New Delhi.
Modi, in his first remarks since the capture of the pilot, delivered a rallying speech before the elections in the coming months.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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