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Peace Mistake of Dr. Najib should not be repeated

Peace Mistake of Dr. Najib Should Not Be Repeated: Ghani

KABUL – President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that peace mistake of former Afghan president, Dr. Najibullah should not be repeated.
He urged the Taliban group leaders to start direct negotiations with the Afghan government regarding peace and reconciliation process.
In his televised speech to the nation regarding ongoing reconciliation efforts, President Ghani said Taliban have two options: to join hands with the Afghan nation or to remain an instrument of the outsiders and implement their objectives.
He said the continuation of war prevents the formation of a strong government which is one of the main objectives of the enemies of country.
Emphasizing that the Afghan nation wants peace and reconciliation with a proper plan, President Ghani said the government insists on a peace deal with proper plans to prevent the bitter experience of the former government led by Dr. Najeebullah who was deceived, and the deal led to a catastrophe despite the United Nations had given him assurances.
President Ghani also added that he is fully aware of the role of the region and the international community as well as the possible threats and risks after the conclusion of a peace agreement.
He also emphasized that it should not be forgotten that the victims of the ongoing war are Afghan and therefore the initiative of peace should also belong to Afghans.
(Sahar News)

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