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Personal Data of German Politicians Hacked and Posted Online

BERLIN – Hackers have hacked and posted online the data from members of all German major political parties with the exception of the right-wing AfD, said the Daily Guardian on Friday.
Hacked data include credit card details and mobile numbers.
Linke party politicians were among those affected, a spokesman said.
The data, published on a Twitter account, also included addresses, personal letters and copies of identity cards, the public broadcaster ARD TV said.
All major German parties, with exception of the far-right AfD, have been affected. The identity of the hackers and their motives are not known so far.
It is confirmed that there has been the incident of hacking, said a Linke party spokesman, adding that Dietmar Bartsch, leader of the party group in the lower house of parliament, was among the victims.
The German government’s secure internal network was unaffected by the hacking incident, the Bild newspaper reported, citing sources belonging to the national security agency BSI.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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