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Prosecutors Say Russians Leaked Evidence of Mueller Investigation Online

MOSCOW – According to court documents, more than 1,000 files shared confidentially have been uploaded to a file-sharing site, daily Guardian reported Thursday.
The evidence gathered by Robert Mueller, the special advocate, was collected by Russians and revealed online to try to discredit his investigation into Moscow’s interference in US policy, prosecutors said Wednesday.
According to a court file, Mueller’s office said that more than 1,000 files that he confidentially shared with the accused Russian hacker’s lawyers later appeared to have been uploaded to a file-sharing site and promoted by a Twitter account.
“We had access to the probe database of special adviser Mueller, because we hacked a Russian server with information about the Russian troll’s case,” says a tweet from the account. “You can see all the records that Mueller had about Internet Research Agency (IRA) and Russian collusion.”
The tweet was posted last October by the @HackingRedstone account, according to the rankings. A journalist was also offered a leak of information by a direct message the same day. The account has since been deleted from Twitter.
The Mueller court record on Wednesday said the names and file structure of the files disclosed corresponded to those used by Mueller’s office when he shared the data and that they had not been made public.
Prosecutors said the file-sharing site had confirmed to the FBI that the account that posted the material had been registered from an IP address – an identifier for Internet-connected devices – in Russia.
FBI investigators found no evidence that the government servers holding the data were hacked, according to Mueller’s team, referring to a leak on the Russian side.
Mueller revealed the leak in a case as part of its lawsuit against Concord Management and Consulting, a Russian company allegedly funding computer hacking by Russia’s infamous Internet Research Agency (IRA).
According to the complaint, Concord’s lawyers should not have access to “sensitive” evidence collected by Mueller’s team for the case.
He said that the person who created the web page used his knowledge of the non-sensitive discovery to make it appear that the irrelevant files on it constituted the total proof of the “collusion between the IRA and Russia” collected by in an apparent effort to discredit the investigation.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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