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Report Says North Korean Leader to Hold First Summit with Putin Next Week

PYONGYANG – North Korean chief of diplomacy Kim Jong-un may hold his first ever summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week, when he will travel to the Far East to attend an international conference in China, sources said Monday at the Yonhap news agency.
“Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit the Far East around April 24,” a source told the South Korean news agency. There is a good chance that a summit between Russia and North Korea will take place at this time.
Putin is expected to travel to the Far East, on the border with north-eastern North Korea, after attending a forum on China’s “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure campaign, which is to be held in Beijing on 26 May and April 27.
Another source said a summit between Putin and Kim could take place before or after the Beijing forum, adding that there were signs that North Koreans were preparing for a summit.
Neither Pyongyang nor Moscow has yet confirmed the date of the summit, but the Russian news agency “Tass” reported in early March, quoting a Kremlin spokesman, that Moscow and Pyongyang were discussing Kim’s trip to Russia, which is to be decided in near future.
There is growing concern that a summit between Putin and Kim may be imminent and that their senior officials have recently traveled to the capital, suggesting that they prepare for the meeting of their leaders.
Putin invited Kim to visit Russia last May. Kim had to go to Moscow before the end of last year, but that did not materialize.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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