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Robbers Steal €10 Million From Plane in Albania, One Killed in Shootout

TIRANA – Armed robbers have reportedly stolen €10 million from an Austrian Airlines passenger plane preparing to take off at the airport in Tirana, the capital of Albania; passengers and crew members were not injured, Sputnik reported on Wednesday.
It is reported that the robbers were wearing camouflage and masks. During the escape from the airport, they had a shootout with the police. As a result, one of the robbers was shot dead. Later, a machine gun, grenades and several magazines containing ammunition was found at the scene.
According to police, the attackers used fire service vehicles to enter the airport. Three robbers, according to eyewitnesses, forced the pilots to lie on the floor and stole money.
The search for the robbers is being conducted, helicopters are being used in the operation. A burned-out car was allegedly found near Tirana, supposedly belonging to the robbers.
Austrian Airlines spokeswoman Tana Gruber reported that the robbers attacked the plane immediately after boarding the passengers. According to various sources, two to ten million euros were stolen.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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