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Russia advocating for intra-Afghan talks

Russia Advocating for Resolution of Intra-Afghan Talks: Lavrov

MOSCOW – The Taliban said Monday they will participate in “intra-Afghan” talks in Moscow designed to bring together prominent Afghan Politicians, including former President Hamid Karzai, opposition figures and tribal elders – but no Kabul government officials.
The two-day meeting in the Moscow, which starts Tuesday, is seen as another step in a process aimed at resolving Afghanistan’s 17-year conflict.
From Bishkek, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia is actively advocating for the resolution of ‘intra-Afghan’ talks.
The Russian government has denied orchestrating the meeting.
A statement from Kabul said the Council of Afghan Society, a Moscow-based organization of the Afghan diaspora, was behind it.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the meetings are an Afghan initiative aimed at laying the foundation for an eventual peace process in Afghanistan.
(Sahar News)

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