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Salang Pass

Salang Pass Closed Due to Heavy Snowfall

KABUL – The busy Salang Pass, linking Kabul with northern parts of the country, has been closed for traffic as a result of heavy snowfall, an official said on Tuesday.

According to Abdul Basir Habibi, the highway maintenance commander, Salang Pass had to be closed due to an incessant snowfall since late Monday night.

“The snowfall that started last night continued and reached 25 centimeters in southern and 15cm in northern parts of the tunnel,” he added.

Dozens of trucks have been stranded in the Pash-i-Sorkh locality of the Jabalus Saraj district of Parwan province and in the Malkhan area of Baghlan province.

In recent years, the pass has been hit by multiple avalanches, the road through the pass was hit by 17 avalanches On February 9, 2010, killing dozens, burying miles of highway, and trapping the vehicles in the Salang tunnel.

(Sahar News)

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