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Second Intra-Afghan Talks to Include 200 Participants

Second Intra-Afghan Talks to Include 200 Participants

KABUL – The second round of intra-Afghan talks will be held in mid-April in Doha, and will be attended by 200 participants. The previous summit was held in Moscow on February 5th to end the conflict in Afghanistan.
A list has been shared with Sahar News that includes 200 participants who had not attended Moscow Summit. The delegates are political representatives, civil society members, women representatives, Afghan refugee representative from Iran and Pakistan.
Some of the delegates have confirmed that their names are included in the list of the participants who will attend Doha talks without naming the invitee. Some of Participants says that they are invited by the Foreign Ministry of Qatar to attend upcoming event.
On the other hand, some delegates say that political leaders and movements have named them in the list of participants.
Sahar News has not been able to confirm that the list is made by any organization or individual, but informed sources told that the list was shared by Al-Qahtani, the Qatari Foreign Minister’s Representative on Countering Terrorism in the meeting with President Ashraf Ghani, former president Hamid Karzai, and a number other political parties.
The conference is scheduled to take place on April 14-15 in the Asia hotel in Doha, with the following participants:
The Taliban representatives include 38 delegates who had attended Moscow summit on February 5 and also 28 other participants are included in this list but the names of Mullah Baradar and Mullah Yaqob the son this group’s founder are not included.
There are 9 women representatives in Doha participant list: Saira Sharifi, Sara Sarkhawi, Humaira Haqmal, Safia Sadiqi, Tajwar Kakar, Aryan Yon, Fatima Gillani, Sofia Umar and the minorities representative is Otar singh.
The representatives of Afghan Refugee from Iran and Pakistan include: Faqir Mohammad, Mawlavi Zabiullah, Amin Jan Agha, Mawlavi Naqibullah, Haji Sadullah, Haji Wazir, Mawlavi Adbulhadi, Adbul Sammad Khan Alozai, Makhdom Abul Halim Turkman, Shaikh Ismaeel, Khalid Akhondzada, Haji Hayattullah, Haji Akbar Khan, Haji Faizullah Nasiry, Sayed Ahmed Pasha, Mohammad Alam Khan, Haji Abdul Basir and Mawlavi Farid.
The political activists and Journalists who are living abroad are also included in this list: Hussian Haqyar Waliullah Shahin, Faiz Mohammad Ziland, Waheed Mozhdah, Abdul Baqi Ameen, Mohammad Ajmal, Zakir Jalili, Asadullah Wahedi, Khairullah Shinwari, Jaffar Mehdavi, Osman Burhan, Qazi Daud Wardak, Shafee Azam, Rahmatullah Hanifi, Abdull Hafiz Nabilkhel.
The participants of upcoming summit say that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar have sponsored this summit but the Qatari organizations say that Qatar-based Afghan community with the help pf the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies will hold this talks.
(Sahar News)

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